Web production fares

Please consider the following turnkey fares for simple websites.


Service GBP EUR US What
website mobile ready 43 50 60 3-5 pages: Home, About, News/Gallery, Contact, Privacy and Cookies policy
domain+hosting (yearly) +43 +50 +60 The domain can be registered and the web space contracted for you
content (texts), if not provided +43 +50 +60 Creative texts based on the website topic
content (images), if not provided +43 +50 +60 The website Logo, icons, basic graphic and an image per page in various resolutions
contact form +26 +30 +36 Hide your email and sensibly reduce spam. Messages sent by the website will be forwarded to your email address
users can subscribe +9 +10 +12 Grow your reach and business by allowing users to give you their email address
users can register +26 +30 +36 Users can insert into a form an arbitrary set of data, that can be used to create a profile and access a private area, or for further processing
users can privately access content +43 +50 +60 A private page where user can login and find dedicated content
Web Progressive App +43 +50 +60 The website will be installable on devices like an APP, and some content can be available offline
SEO ready +43 +50 +60 The structure will be optimized for SEO and the website will be know by the mayor search engines
multi-language ready +43 +50 +60 The set of texts specific for a given language will be stored in a database and loaded according to the chosen language
Add ons
PayPal checkout +260 +300 +355 An integrated PayPal checkout, allowing to cash out donations and payments
e-shop ready +520 +600 +710 Showroom page + shopping cart + integrated PayPal checkout
additional languages +20% each Each additional language
SEO +20% each Texts and images will be optimized for each language to improve the ranking on the search engines
Advanced Design +40-1300 +50-1500 +60-1800 The website will include unic and breathtaking graphic features and animations. Suggested for luxury, art and design brands.
High Performance Hosting (yearly) +650 +750 +900 If more than 1000 visitors per day are expected, a dedicated server can be more suitable. It can be contracted and set up for you.

valid until 30 june 2021



Can you provide invoice?

Advertise Me ltd can provide legally valid and detailed invoices in GPB, EUR or USD.

What happens after 1 year?

You will be the owner of all the accounts needed for the creation of the website. You may decide to renew the domain, hosting service and other subscriptions by yourself.

Advertise Me ltd is available to take care of the renewals for you, do not hesitate to ask more info.

What happens if I need modifications after the website is ready?

After the website delivery, a set of instructions about how to make small modifications/add information will be provided.

If you prefer, Advertise Me ltd can take care of everything for you for an agreed monthly fee, which will be proposed after evaluating the amount of work required.

Please, note:

  • adding a second language to a non-multi-language ready website is not advisable
  • applying SEO to a non SEO ready website is not advisable

Why Advertise Me ltd?

Turnkey services, offered for competitive prices, and the best quality you can find on the market. Advertise Me ltd will support you even after the website deployment, making sure you can take full advantage of your purchase.

Specific expertise can be offered for international non-governmental organizations and ERASMUS affiliates.


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